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Shatrov Sergey MD, Moscow homeopath

This site is internet recourse of Shatrov Sergey, Moscow MD, why use classical homeopathy for treatment.
He is member of Iris Moscow homeopathic clinic.

Sergey Shatrov practice medicine since 1987 year as cardiologist and after 2005 as pure homeopath.
As classical homeopath he could to cure any disease of human being (of course our life span is under God will but proper treatment is our attemt for humanity).
At Moscow the are many interest of child parents to help child as child MD easily accept homeopathy,
but also he has interest at mind diseases and deep chronic diseases that treated official medicine as incurable.
Of course common disease like obesity and depression also could be treated with homeopathy.
and belive me that it's worthy of time.
Please pay attention that Homeopathy at good hands is great help for pregnant woman and new born child
when we do not want to damage new body with hard drugs like antibiotics and hormones.
Homeopathy is well accepted at Europe, US and India (were it was spread from UK), now it is grew at Japan
Russian homeopathy was part of EU homeopathy before Communism time and now it is going back.
Now site is under development and later at full version you will find real help with information about acute diseases that could be treated with homeopathy remedies by self and belive me that this approach is quite better than common shop drugs
that are pushed bt TV promotion like painkillers and influenza drugs.
Of course at serious case you need find homeopathy doctor or MD doctor or both at one face as I am (for example),
but at acute flu or cold taking or light food poison we could cure by self and homeopathy could help very much.
Of course Homeopathy users mostly have independent view at life and I hope to have time to talk about it also.
I studied Homeopathy at US under guidance of Brendan Feeley (at West coast part of US he is famous as deep homeophatic doctor)(Ghegas school)
India at Rajan Shankaran seminars and others teacers also.
Greece, from Vithoulkas lectures (at Alonissos island Homeopathy clinic)
So see you at site later!
With love from my heart to all being, Sergey.

This site is under development now

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